What they're saying about Cynthia Morrow

"Morrow has subtitled this book, "A Blanchard House Mystery."  If she's hinting at the possibility of this becoming a series, it's reason to rejoice.  She has created engaging characters, a wonderful setting, and most importantly, the chops to deliver a grade-A read.  Encore!"

Blue Ink Review, April 2013

"But the best part for me was the guided tour into the world where the right instrument is worth killing for.  Don't be put off by the prologue, read on - when this writer hits her stride in Chapter One she will entertain you no end."

Lisa Murphy, Bookshelves: Mystery/Thriller

"With the dexterity of a trained musician and an ear attuned to human frailty, Morrow has orchestrated a delightful mix of music and mayhem.  Her combination of witty dialogue, tight plot line, and characters real enough to invite over for coffee leaves readers of the first Blanchard House Mystery eagerly awaiting an encore!"

Elaine Woods, author/producer of OpenMic/Local Voices for radio

"She has one of the rarest of qualities you can ever find in a woman or a man, and that is a skill set for extraordinary insight, matched with a disarming and dazzling ability to be articulate."

Darius Gottlieb, cellist, poet, art consultant

"Cynthia Morrow captures the essence of the musician's life.  Her wit and intelligence, coupled with a thorough knowledge of music, makes for a captivating and rollicking fun read."

Jack Cousin - Los Angeles Philharmonic

Coming Soon: 

The Trill is Gone

The next installment in the

Blanchard House Mysteries series

Unstrung is a mystery tale filled with a symphony of blackmail, cold-blooded murder, and the possibility of love as Althea Stewart and her best friend and colleague cellist Grace Sullivan, attempt to give a holiday party for their fellow musicians.  It soon becomes apparent that they've unwittingly set the stage for a gruesome murder of a once powerful Hollywood studio concertmaster. 

After Althea Stewart hosts a memorial luncheon that erupts into a full-scale riot and leaves a dead chef in its wake, everyone wants to know who killed him - including Interpol and the Russian Mob.

Music Meets Murder